ReadyAI Lab Kit Bundle


Built on years of experience running AI programs, we designed the kit for educators of all experience levels. In the kit, you will find everything you need to start your own program, from detailed lesson plans to guides on how to set up your classroom.

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About this kit

The ReadyAI Lab package includes all teaching resources, materials, and lesson plans you will need to start your own AI after-school program. In the Beginner Class, students will learn six AI applications and create a project using Calypso. Intermediate Class is the continuation of our Beginner Class. For students with a solid basic knowledge of AI & Calypso or prior completion of our Beginner Class, the Intermediate Class will continue on building their abilities to design, create, and present their projects through Calypso and project based learning.

Course Objectives

Students should be able to

  1. Define basic concepts in the field of AI;
  2. Describe functions of AI as well as current limitations
  3. Apply principles of coding to demonstrate understanding of AI concepts
  4. Evaluate applications of AI technologies.
  5. Create a project that uses AI to solve real-world problems.
  6. Deepen understanding of the applications and limitations in current AI technology;
  7. Gain skills and learn useful practices in testing and debugging code;
  8. Develop possible solutions to real-world problems with AI applications;
  9. Articulate their project ideas and present in front of an audience.

Lessons and Lesson Objectives

Beginner Class

Lessons Lesson Objectives (Students will be able to)
Introduction to AI
  • Differentiate AI from robots in general.
  • Summarize the steps necessary to set up their AI-IN-A-BOX™.
  • Facilitate the setting up of their own AI-IN-A-BOX™ independently from the teacher.
Object & Facial Recognition
  • Describe what AI’s object recognition is.
  • Demonstrate their ability to program AI object recognition.
  • Express applications for the features of Cozmo they experienced.
  • Program his/her AI units to recognize faces.
Object manipulation
  • Explain how landmark-based navigation works and where it is applied in our lives.
  • Read and write multiple lines of rules that involve landmark-based navigation.
  • List what their AI unit can do with objects it can manipulate.
Interacting with the World
  • Identify recognition functions within his/her AI units.
  • Program their AI units to recognize oral commands.
  • Program their AI units to produce speech outputs.
  • Create a scenario in which Cozmo employs speech recognition, speech generation, facial recognition, object recognition, object manipulation, and landmark-based navigation.

Intermediate Class

Lessons Lesson Objectives (Students will be able to)
Moving and Manipulation
  • List what their AI unit can do with the objects it can manipulate
  • Recap on what their AI unit can and cannot manipulate and why
  • Develop a brainstorming web of AI applications and their project ideas, either individually or in groups
Project Planning
  • Identify applications of AI in examples provided by teacher
  • Come up with a project idea with what they had learned
  • Create an outline for their projects.
Project Workshop
  • Rehearse their project presentations
  • Apply their understanding of AI to project creation
  • Synthesize their technical and creative knowledge
  • Spend time on finalizing their projects
Project Rehearsal & Troubleshooting
  • Rehearse their project presentations in front of the class
  • Run tests and troubleshoot problems in their projects
  • Demonstrate their learning of AI and their collaboration through the presentations

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