Virtual AI Summer Camp Kit for Homeschooling


With $49.99 you will get:

  • Virtual-tested artificial intelligence curriculum built for homeschooling.
  • Detailed tips on how to teach your kids to ensure your success.
  • Live support through email and phone.

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  • 20 hours of teaching materials built for homeschooling
  • 20 hours of self-paced project development time and office hour: we designed these hours for students to build their AI project
  • The hottest topics in artificial intelligence: including machine learning,  self-driving cars, data bias, etc.
  • Learn critical thinking by programming a virtual robot. Learn more about Calypso – our programming tool.
  • Participate in WAICY 2020 – a world level AI competition for youth – and showcase their work to students from all over the world at the end of the camp. Each student gets a chance to participate in WAICY 2020 virtually this year. Learn more about WAICY at

My daughter loved it! She actually had tears in her eyes because she didn’t want to say goodbye. She showed me how to code her AI and she was so proud. It was a fun and educational experience for her. You have done a great job and we are very happy.  – Diana Q. (Parent)

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Virtual Summer Camp

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