Virtual AI Summer Camp Kit for Homeschooling


With $49.99 you will get:

  • Virtual-tested artificial intelligence curriculum built for homeschooling.
  • Detailed tips on how to teach your kids to ensure your success.
  • Live support through email and phone.

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  • 20 hours of teaching materials built for homeschooling
  • 20 hours of self-paced project development time and office hour: we designed these hours for students to build their AI project
  • The hottest topics in artificial intelligence: including machine learning,  self-driving cars, data bias, etc.
  • Learn critical thinking by programming a virtual robot. Learn more about Calypso – our programming tool.
  • Participate in WAICY 2020 – a world level AI competition for youth – and showcase their work to students from all over the world at the end of the camp. Each student gets a chance to participate in WAICY 2020 virtually this year. Learn more about WAICY at

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Virtual Summer Camp

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