Bulk Students Creation Instruction

Go to Group Management to see your groups.

Remember to select the group you want to work on (if you have multiple groups under your account).

  1. Click “Upload users”

2. Download sample CSV file

3. Fill in your students information following the instructions

Delete or change second row to real students. Do not change first row.

Email is not required since there might be students do not have an email. They can add their email in their profile if they want.

You can just use username without user_email, but user_pass is required in this case.

You can also only put user_email without user_pass, system will generate a password and send to students. If they do not receive the email, they can set up a new one through forgetting password.

4. Change the settings to following:

Select “Add and invite users”, so user with email will receive their password via email.

5. Click on choose file to upload your CSV file, and click “Add Users”

6. Wait for the system to add all users. If there is an error, follow the error message to change your file and upload again.

7. After uploading completed, you can see all your students under “Enrolled Users” table. And they can login our website and start learning.