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By Chaemin on September 3, 2019
1.) Computer AI can memorize the Q&A and search the information like a brench system.

2.) Human and AI have lots of interactions that are helpful to each other. Humans can search about what they want to know, and AI such as computer can learn new things from humans.

3.) AI will affects our society in defferent ways (ex. Self-Driving cars).
By Mark on August 28, 2019
ai have a positve and negative in pact on all of us thats why it is helpful but we cannot always relay on them sometime ai have negative in pact ona all of us even if it is helpful thats why we learn them, or study them carefully there are different impact like visual and different kind more
like it can answer your question or it can help you visually like cameras phoine and communication.thats aI
By 11-INNOVATION on August 28, 2019
It's a great medium for learning
By Ayyaz on August 25, 2019
makes you learn!
By 12 on August 23, 2019
very nice!!!
By Isaiah on August 23, 2019
so useless :)
By Jean on August 23, 2019
pretty plaine
By Yerin on August 23, 2019
it was fun