AI-IN-A-BOX™ Lesson Plans – Elementary School

These lesson plans requires the AI-IN-A-BOX™. In this course, students will learn five AI applications and create a project using Code Lab.
ReadyAI · June 3, 2019

Who Made This?

ReadyAI believes that all students should have access to artificial intelligence, not only students with computer science backgrounds or those who attend schools with highly developed technology programs.

AI is the future, and students must be prepared for it. At ReadyAI, we want to make K-12 AI education a reality and help students to be empowered to use AI to change the world.

ReadyAI is built on three basic tenets:

  1. We teach AI for social good. Sure, we get into some heavy material, but the core of our curriculum surrounds impacting society positively through AI, all the while recognizing the ethical concerns and the inevitable societal impact AI technology will raise.
  2. Learning AI is fun. W put an emphasis on the non-technical components of learning, combining art and multimedia. Students learn computer science, but they learn it in the context of their interests and power all their work with not just STEM, but STEAM education, infusing their work with what makes us human.
  3. Project-based Learning. Students learn through playing and building up ideas with teammates. Thus, students also learn soft-skills such as presentation techniques, leadership, and collaboration.

ReadyAI believes that AI must be broached early. That’s why we partnered with schools and afterschool programs across the U.S. and the world to develop and test this interactive curriculum.

Lesson Structure

Every lesson plan has a common structure that should make it easy to find what you need. Planning for a lesson starts by looking at the summary, then reviewing the agenda and teaching guide.

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