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Here are some tips for you if you would like to teach AI!

Group Management

You can create group accounts for your students by following these steps:

  1. Go to Group Courses for Institutions page and create a group.
  2. Go to the Group Management page and create accounts for your students. Below is a tutorial video that you can follow:

What do we teach?

Most of our courses are around the Five Big Ideas in AI.

  • Big Idea #1: Computers can perceive the world using sensors.
  • Big Idea #2: Agents create and maintain internal representations/models of the world and use them for reasoning.
  • Big Idea #3: Computers can learn from data.
  • Big Idea #4: AI systems strive to interact comfortably with humans.
  • Big Idea #5: AI applications can impact society in positive and negative ways

“Five Big Ideas in AI” Poster

*David Touretzky, Christina Gardner-McCune, Fred Martin, Deborah Seehorn.AI4K12.orgEnvisioning AI for K-12: What should every child know about AI?

Along different courses, students will also learn about six AI applications.

  • Object Recognition
  • Object Manipulation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech Generation
  • Face Recognition
  • Landmark-based Navigation

Which course should I choose?

Don’t know which course suits your needs best? Don’t worry! Here is a list of all the lesson plans that we have. You can access all contents for FREE by simply register online! We are designing and updating new courses every month. Join our mailing list to keep updated!

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AI journey for your students

Here at ReadyAI, we also provide courses that students can take at their own pace. We have AI+Me – a 45 minutes online experience that introduces students to the basics of AI; courses that students can have fun with an AI robot called Cozmo; and an annual World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth called WAICY.

Students can learn, share their ideas with others, and collect AI badges online!

Become a certified AI techer

Certifications for K-12 AI Educators

Whether you are an individual or an educator, anyone can obtain a ReadyAI Teacher Certification. If you’re an educator who knows how to teach AI with ReadyAI curriculum, this certification proves your ability. Teachers can get certified by going through ReadyAI Teacher Training Session.

Why get certified?

  • Be in ReadyAI certified teachers system where you can be found
  • Gain points in your ReadyAI Passport
  • Gain eligibility to certify other teachers
  • Get qualified to be judges of national and international WAICY judge


Complete the fundamental AI Teacher Training with ReadyAI. Our online training sessions are free to public.


Do a pilot AI class to your kids, your friends, or your students. Get feedbacks and let us know how it goes.


Get certified after you teach more than 50 students! Show us what you have done by emailing us!

Share your work with the world

Join us in the World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY) where students learn about and use artificial intelligence technology to solve real problems. The competition is open to students from age 4 to 20 from all around the world.

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Thank You Teachers

You are Making a Difference!